Oscar Lang drops dreamy single ‘21st Century Hobby’

Taken from his forthcoming debut album, 'Chew The Scenery’

Oscar Lang has shared his third single of the year, ‘21st Century Hobby’.

The track dropped on June 8 and follows on from Lang’s previously released tracks ‘Are You Happy?’ and ‘Stuck’, both of which hit streaming services earlier this year.

On ‘21st Century Hobby’, Lang pairs modern lyrical content with retro production to scintillating effect.


Watch the track’s official visualiser below.

“‘21st Century Hobby’ is a tune based on the idea of society’s obsession with sharing your life online and comparing yourself to other people,” Lang explained in a press release.

“There was one point where I was spending 13 hours a week on social media, which equated to about a month every year.

“That was a really dark time for me – I always thought that it would never affect me, but it took some time to realise that it was subconsciously affecting my mental health.”

‘21st Century Hobby’ will feature on the singer-songwriter’s debut album, ‘Chew The Scenery’, when it drops on July 16.


The record follows on from Lang’s EP ‘Antidote To Being Bored’, which arrived in December last year.

Lang recorded the new album in Liverpool in the space of one month.

“It was a nice break away from the tedious lockdown in the UK as I got to spend a month away with my mates doing what I love,” he said.

“I think you can hear that built-up boredom being released on the record.”

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