Pete Doherty denies using drugs on video

Babyshambles man has responded to claims

Pete Doherty has seemingly responded to claims that he had taken drugs in a new video he posted online.

The video, available to watch on the Pete Doherty YouTube channel, sees the frontman seemingly about to smoke something from a small glass container before an associate tips a bucket of water over his head.

She is heard to say “I thought you’d given all that up”, prompting speculation that he was about to smoke crack cocaine in the video.

The Pete Doherty video has been picked up by some tabloid newspapers – however, the singer has denied any wrong doing.

Posting a new video online following the speculation, with the tagline, “Crack? Crack crack crack crack crack, you presumption…” – seemingly a denial that drugs were involved in the previous video. Doherty is also shown behaving normally with his family.

The video is currently on Pete Doherty’s YouTube channel.

Meanwhile Pete Doherty’s Babyshambles bandmate Mick Whitnall was arrested at the weekend (October 12) on a suspected drugs charge.