Puddle Of Mudd frontman storms off stage after accusing man of stealing his house – watch

Wes Scantlin has spent last two years in dispute over his home

Puddle Of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin stopped a recent gig in order to shout at an audience member and allege the man stole his house.

As WQLZ reports, Puddle Of Mudd were performing a gig in Marietta, Ohio’s Adelphia Music Hall when Scantlin stopped the show and began shouting at an unidentified audience member.

“Keep your goddamn money. Fuck it. This motherfucker right here stole my motherfucking house and now he’s standing right fucking in front of me laughing at me,” Scantlin shouted at the man. “And he fucking figures I’m a fucking joke. This motherfucker right here. This motherfucker right here. Get his ass on camera. Right. Get his ass on camera. Get his ass on camera. This is the dog. Right here. This is the motherfucker right here. This guy stole my fucking house.”


Scantlin left the stage immediately after the incident. See fan footage from the gig below.

Puddle of Mudd at the Adelphia.ListentotheSadness:-(

Posted by Jerry Alan Cantwell on Saturday, January 30, 2016

This is the latest in a series of incidents involving Scantlin, who has been arrested twice in the last two months.

Scantlin was arrested on December 26 for drugs possession and later detained by police officers on January 9 after allegedly vandalising a house he used to own.

Scantlin, whose band released their most recent album ‘re:(disc)overed’ in 2011, was arrested in April 2015 after taking a ‘joyride’ on an oversized luggage carousel. He was charged with misdemeanor trespassing after entering a security clearance area at Denver International Airport.

In 2014, Scantlin was arrested for using a buzzsaw to damage his neighbour’s patio. The incident was the culmination of a long-running feud with his Los Angeles neighbour, electropop artist Sasha Gradiva. She claimed that Scantlin attacked her property at least 10 times in the past, repeatedly calling the police to alert the authorities to his behaviour.


Scantlin claimed that the property’s previous owner built a patio when he was on tour with his band and that its construction damaged his own patio and an outdoor staircase.

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