Ed O'Brien, Phil Selway and Eddie Vedder are rumoured to be joing Finn onstage in New Zealand...

Members of RADIOHEAD and PEARL JAM singer EDDIE VEDDER are rumoured to be appearing alongside former CROWDED HOUSE singer NEIL FINN for a series of live shows in NEW ZEALAND.

Speaking to Rolling Stone in Australia, Finn said he is in the process of recruiting a number of his musician friends for a week of shows, starting on February 21.

He commented: “What I am trying to do is put together a show of guests. Mostly because I’ve run into a lot of people over the years and a lot of the time when I have made a connection with someone on a personal and a musical level we’ve always said, ‘Oh, it would be good to do something together some time’ and it almost always is never possible. But this little window opened up and there are a few people that I know and admire that are suddenly free.”


It is rumoured that Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien is one of the musicians who may appear. Asked about the possibility, he replied: “I think it is gonna happen… yes it looks like Ed will be here now I think…

“The first time I met Ed was at a festival in Europe and Radiohead had just been signed to Parlophone – it was pre-‘Creep’ and they were playing bridge in the dressing room. I knew they were a Parlophone band and there is a slight feeling of fraternity among Parlophone bands.

“So I just went in to say hello and they were all playing bridge – which I thought was incredibly impressive for a band of young musicians who you might imagine at that point might be seriously indulging. But they were indulging in the music and I think that’s why they got so good. They didn’t abuse themselves, they abused their instruments.

“You just run into certain people in hotels and he was just one of those guys. He liked Crowded House and came to quite a few shows and he’s just a top gent – a lovely man!”

Other rumoured guests include long-time friend Eddie Vedder and Radiohead drummer Phil Selway. A UK spokesperson for Radiohead told NME.COM he was unaware of the shows.