The Radiohead frontman asks if he "deserves a file at MI5"...

Radiohead vocalist THOM YORKE has continued his attack on Prime Minister TONY BLAIR, cheekily asking if he “deserves a file at MI5” on RADIOHEAD‘s official website, NME.COM can reveal.

Yorke has posted a secret message on his page on the official Radiohead website [url=]

The text, which reads: “I reckon I maybe deserve a file at MI5 now Tony what do you think?” is written in black on a black background, and is only visible by highlighting what appears to be blank space at the top of the page.


Yorke‘s latest comments come after it was revealed the first pressings of Radiohead‘s new album ‘Kid A’ contained a hidden booklet with the dedication ‘For Leo‘, presumably a reference to Blair‘s new son, as well as a caricature of Blair himself. Elsewhere in the booklet are a series of Orwellian slogans, which include: ‘He’ll take the money from under your nose. He’ll tell you all you want to hear’, and ‘He says he wants to be our friend, he says he’s always been on our side’.

Also, lyrics to some of the band’s new tracks, which were omitted from ‘Kid A’ appear to take a sideswipe at Blair. The track ‘Follow Me Around’, most recently played at the band’s show in Toronto on October 17 feature the lyrics: “Did you lie to us Tony?/We thought you were different /Now you know we’re not so sure”, while the lyrics to another new song, ‘You And Whose Army’ feature the words “Come on if you think/You can take us all on /You and whose army?/You and your cronies”.

Numerous musicians are rumoured to have been monitored by MI5 throughout the years, including, most notably John Lennon.

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