The band intend to issue live footage from their recent shows as a substitute for promo videos...

Radiohead are planning to release live footage recorded on their recent European tour to video channels as a way of avoiding making promotional videos.

Speaking in an interview on the US website [url=], guitarist Jonny Greenwood said the videos will be comprised of material shot while on tour throughout the year, and will feature the band playing material from their new album ‘Kid A’.

The only promotional material so far for TV has been a series of animated ‘video blips’, which have been used on websites and television adverts.


Greenwood said: “A lot of (the video channels) are going to be given (live videos), so we’ll see whether they play them. That is OK, showing footage of a band playing can be interesting, if you like music. We’ll see who shows it. It is going to be submitted as bits and pieces we have done (in concert), on videotape…(Music videos ) are just adverts, and they are also very long adverts.”

A spokesperson for Radiohead told that the band are currently deciding what to do with the videos in the UK.

Elsewhere in the interview, Jonny said that the band’s next album, the follow-up to ‘Kid A’, is almost complete. Speaking about the material which was omitted from ‘Kid A’. He said: “We’ve got about 13 or 14 songs which we need to edit a little bit, maybe take a couple out, maybe remix one or two, put them in the right order, and then it is done.”

However, bassist Colin Greenwood was less forthcoming. He said: “I’m not sure they are two records. We had that group of songs to make one record, and the other ones are left over. It’s that we had, say, 23 songs and we wanted to have around 47 minutes of music, so we chose the best combination out of that number (for ‘Kid A’), and the rest are waiting on the bench, waiting to be picked for the next team line-up.

“We haven’t decided what it is going to be like. It is a combination of like, more conventional, perhaps, but also more dissonant stuff. But it continues on from ‘Kid A’. It was all done in the same recording period. It is all a whole.”

Radiohead play a show this evening (October 17) at the Sears Theatre in Toronto, Canada, before playing their final show in the US at the Greek Theatre in LA on Friday (October 20).

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