The Radiohead frontman says that Labour has "blatantly betrayed all who supported them"...

THOM YORKE has launched another stinging attack on NEW LABOUR on the eve of the general election, claiming the current government has “blatantly betrayed all who supported them”.

Speaking on the Radiohead message forum, Yorke denied that the song ‘You And Whose Army?’ from the band’s forthcoming album, ‘Amnesiac’, was a direct attack on Prime Minister Tony Blair. The song, which features the lyric “Come on if you think you can take us on/You and your army/You and your cronies”, was widely seen to be a comment on Blair’s New Labour.

However, Yorke said he would not vote Labour in the forthcoming election, claiming many potential voters don’t give a “flying fuck”.

He said: “I won’t vote and haven’t voted for a man willing to go along with son of star wars. It’s not exactly surprising that a large section of the population will not give a flying fuck about the election. Everybody blames everybody else… they are not in touch and have blatantly betrayed all who supported them except those friendly business interests. “

The most likely date for a general election in the UK is June 7.