And the star comments on those recurring Glastonbury rumours...

RADIOHEAD are working “bloody hard” on their new album which will be released “sooner than you think”, according to THOM YORKE.

The band are currently in the studio working on the follow-up to last year’s ‘Amnesiac’, and plan to premiere some new songs on a short tour of Spain and Portugal in July and August.

According to the unofficial Radiohead website, www.ateaseweb.com, Thom Yorke chatted to fans via the band’s messageboard on Saturday night (May 11).

Speaking about the new album, he revealed: “We are working bloody hard on it now. We are trying to be a bit more focused, less neurotic. It’ll be sooner than you think…some old songs may appear.”

He joked that the when the group tour later this year, their set will be “virtually all new” and “virtually all under rehearsed”. He also dismissed the annual rumour that his band are the surprise guests at this year’s Glastonbury.

He concluded: “Sorry, we aren’t. We never said we would this year. This always happens. It’s a compliment that the rumour spreads, but we ain’t ain’t ain’t. Maybe next year.”