And as new album 'Amnesiac''s release draws ever closer, all the songs bar one are available to download via Napster...

THOM YORKE has confirmed the B-sides to RADIOHEAD‘s forthcoming single ‘PYRAMID SONG’.

According to various unofficial fan websites, Yorke visited the band’s official messageboard on Saturday (April 7) and revealed that new tracks ‘Transatlantic Drawl’, ‘Fast Track’, ‘Kinetic’ and ‘Orgy’ will be included as the bonus tracks for the single, released in the UK on May 21.

A UK spokesperson for the band was unavailable to confirm the track titles to NME.COM this morning (April 9). However, Yorke previously used the band’s official website to reveal the tracklisting for their forthcoming album ‘Amnesiac’.

Following the single release, ‘Amnesiac’ follows on June 4. With the exception of the album’s closing track ‘Life In A Glass House’, all the songs from ‘Amnesiac’ are now available to download via Napster at Radiohead website [url=]