The esteemed publication's website decides its time to give US chart-topper a damn good hiding...

Radiohead‘s ‘KID A’ has been massively lampooned by [url=] in an “A-Zzzz” guide to the album.

The feature kicks off with “A is for ‘arse’ which ‘Kid A’ is a load of,” and carries on to take a swipe at the songwriting, the price of the album ($18.99 in the US), the over-subscribed gigs, the fans, the reviews and Thom Yorke‘s lazy eye, before winding up with “Z is for ‘Zzzzz,’ which is what you?ll be doing if you try to listen to ‘Kid A’ all the way through. We did.”

Some of the choicest comments include:


“D is for ‘difficult’. Those who think ‘Kid A’ is ‘difficult’ are really rather dim. If anything, it’s deadly dull drivel.”

“F is for ‘fartsy’ as in artsy-fartsy. F is also for fans, but since Radiohead don’t care about them, why should we?”

“I is for ‘Idioteque’. That’d be the club where people go to listen to ‘Kid A’.”

“N is for ‘Number One’. Number Two, more like.”

“S is for ‘Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!?”

“W is for ‘wank’. Nuff said.”


Meantime, reports from fans who went to the band’s Los Angeles Greek Theatre concert claim that Thom Yorke has been venting his political ire from the stage again, having another go at UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. Co-webmaster at [url=], Neil Ebrey said Thom delivered the lines “Did you lie to us Tony?/We thought you were different?/Now you know we’re not so sure” during ‘Follow Me Around’.

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