Six tracks from 'Amnesiac' were played at the South By Southwest festival in Texas...

RADIOHEAD premiered tracks from forthcoming album ‘AMNESIAC’ yesterday (March 15) at the SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST music conference in AUSTIN, TEXAS.

Six tracks from the album were revealed during playbacks. They were ‘Packt Like Sardines (In a Tin Can)’, ‘Pyramid Song’, ‘You And Whose Army’, ‘I Might Be Wrong’, ‘Dollars And Cents’ and ‘Life In A Glasshouse’.

The tracks are described by Wall Of Sound website, [url=]www.wallofsound.go.com, as being “ambient and melancholy” in nature, keeping with the same approach of dark production, distorted vocals and polyrhythms that marked ‘Kid A’. The album, produced by longtime collaborator Nigel Godrich, is set for release on June 4.

Radiohead, as revealed earlier this week, will headline a charity fundraising one-day festival in their hometown of Oxford on July 7. Support will come from Beck and Supergrass among others. Tickets went on sale this morning.