As the release of 'Amnesiac' approaches, the man who writes the songs decides to let a few secrets slip...

RADIOHEAD have revealed the tracklisting for their new album ‘AMNESIAC’, due for release on June 4.

Singer Thom Yorke visited the Radiohead messageboard on their official website [url=] earlier today (February 28). When asked the question “When are you going to reveal the ‘Amnesiac’ tracklisting” by a fan, he replied “How about now? I don’t think anyone here would mind…it goes like this…”, before revealing the full tracklisting

The ‘Amnesiac’ tracklisting runs:

‘Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box’

‘Pyramid Song’

‘Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors’

‘You And Whose Army?’

‘I Might Be Wrong’

‘Knives Out’

‘Morning Bell/Amnesiac’

‘Dollars And Cents’

‘Hunting Bears’

‘Like Spinning Plates’

‘Life In A Glass House’

When asked by fans why ‘Morning Bell’, which also features on the band’s recent album ‘Kid A’, is also on ‘Amnesiac’, Yorke said the track was “barely recognisable”. He joked that the new version “sounds like ‘Tales Of The Unexpected'”.

Elsewhere, he said the band are adding the finishing touches to tracks which will end up as B-sides to future singles. It is strongly rumoured the first single release from the album will be ‘Pyramid Song’, although this is yet to be confirmed.