Rage Against The Machine start rehearsing

Tom Morello gives reunion the thumbs up

Rage Against The Machine have talked about the rehearsals that are underway for their reunion shows.

As previously reported, the reunited band are set to play the Coachella Festival taking place in Indio, California on April 27-29, plus three dates of the Rock The Bells hip-hop festival in July and August.

Guitarist Tom Morello said: “It sounds awesome in the room. We remember how to play those songs; it’s pretty much like riding a bike”.

Morello also said that he felt now was a good time for the band to return. He said: “These times, I think, we demand a voice like Rage Against The Machine return.

Rage was certainly the most outspoken radical voice in music in the 90s, and the seven years that Rage was away the country went to hell. So I think it’s overdue that we’re back.”

Morello told Billboard that future plans for the band were up in the air.