Rihanna tells fans to ‘calm down’ after following Chris Brown on Twitter

Singer says it's 'Twitter not the altar'

Rihanna has told fans to “calm down” after she started following Chris Brown‘s tweets.

The singer, who tweets from Twitter.com/rihanna, recently added Brown to the list of 384 people she follows on the site, and Brown began following her in return from Twitter.com/chrisbrown. A fan on asked her via the site if it was a sign the two would be reconciled, which led Rihanna to tweet: “It’s fucking Twitter, not the altar! Calm down.”

The singer later apologised to the fan, who claimed to be 14 years old. Rihanna wrote: “Babygirl I’m sorry, didn’t mean to hurt or offend you! Just needed to make it clear to the Navy [Rihanna’s fans]!”

In 2009 Brown was charged with two felonies as a result of an attack on Rihanna, who was his girlfriend at the time.