Simon Pegg tells Bastille’s Dan Smith what ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ says about British culture

The actor and writer joined the Bastille frontman for the first instalment of the new Distraction Tactics film club

Simon Pegg answered questions about the seminal horror film Shaun Of The Dead on the first episode of Bastille’s new film club Distraction Tactics earlier today (March 27).

The premise of Distraction Tactics is to tour the world via film, with Bastille frontman Dan Smith hosting a discussion of each film on the band’s Instagram at the end of the week.

The first stop on the Wild World Film Tour was England, represented by Pegg and Edgar Wright’s Shaun Of The Dead. In the film club discussion earlier today, Pegg answered some questions from Bastille about the movie.


When asked what he thought the film said about British culture, Pegg replied: “It was supposed to be allegorical, generally, about human beings’ capacity to ignore each other and step over each other when they’re dying the streets – the kind of lack of socialism which feels like it’s burgeoning in the midst of this bizarre crisis.

“I think the pub is the centre of brit cultural gatherings. The idea for me and Edgar was you always see in American zombie movies there’s always a SWAT team – with the exception of Night Of The Living Dead, the original, seminal zombie movie. They often follow extraordinary people, whereas with Shaun it was about the ordinary and the suburban drudgery of fighting zombies. So… I guess that we’re all lazy alcoholics?”

Watch Pegg’s answers and the rest of the discussion on Bastille’s Instagram story.

Bastille’s Distraction Tactics film club is one of many new ways musicians have shared in a bid to entertain their fans and themselves during the coronavirus pandemic.

Lizzo hosted a meditation session on Instagram, Christine And The Queens has held daily sessions from her studio in France, while Charli XCX has created a whole programme of events, including a fitness class with Diplo, art with Clairo, and Girls Night In with Rita Ora.