Watch Sinead O’Connor open up about mental health problems on ‘Dr Phil’

"It's not easy for families with mentally ill people," singer says

Sinead O’Connor has opened up about her mental health problems on Dr Phil. Scroll below to watch clips of O’Connor’s appearance on the show.

The Irish singer’s mental health issues have been long documented, having been diagnosed as bipolar in the past, and she opened up about experiencing suicidal thoughts in a video posted to Facebook last month.

During the show, O’Connor told the celebrity psychologist how her struggles have affected her family life. “I love my family and I don’t blame them. It’s not easy for families with mentally ill people,” she said.


The star also stated that she doesn’t believe she is currently mentally ill, but said that she did attempt to commit suicide seven times in a year.

O’Connor spoke about the effects of having a radical hysterectomy in 2015 had on her mental health. “I was told to leave the hospital two days after the surgery with Tylenol and no hormone replacements and no guidance as to what might happen to me,” she said. “I was flung into surgical menopause. So hormones were everywhere and I became very suicidal. I was a basket case.”


Discussing her relationship with her mother, who she has accused of abusing her as a child, O’Connor said she hated her for “kicking me, telling me I’m evil and shouldn’t be born”, but added: “I hate not being able to love her, not being able to have taken care of her and maybe given her some love back… I would have taken care of her even if she was an absolute monster.”

Asked what she loved about her mother, O’Connor replied: “The first thing that came to mind was that she’s dead”.

O’Connor also spoke about how she “felt like an imposter” at the height of her fame and didn’t understand why people loved her music.