Skrillex officially rejoins emo band From First To Last

EDM star recently reunited with the band after 10 years for new single 'Make War'

Back in January, Skrillex reunited with his former emo band From First To Last for new song ‘Make War’. He then performed live with the group for the first time in over a decade earlier this month. Now, he appears to have rejoined the band on a permanent basis.

The former emo singer-turned-EDM star (real name Sonny Moore) fronted the outfit for a few years in the mid-noughties, before leaving in 2007 due to a vocal chord injury and turning his focus to the dance world.  Having released ‘Make War’ on his 29th birthday, Moore later joined the band for a reunion show at Emo Night in Los Angeles on February 7.

Now, From First To Last have changed their Twitter picture to a new photo featuring Moore, along with the caption: “2017 Vibes <3”. Their Twitter bio now also includes Skrillex’s handle. See the photo below.


Moore previously told Alt Press at the Grammys: “I left the band, but I would say I’m not left anymore.”

After releasing reunion single ‘Make War’, From First To Last were accused of ripping off punk band Culture Abuse for their artwork.

Moore later responded to the allegations, writing in a statement: “Just wanted to convey we were unaware of the band Culture Abuse’s cover art with a peach similar to ours for From First To Last that we released yesterday. It was a complete coincidence, and we would never disrespect or appropriate another artist’s work. Shout out to Culture Abuse, and as a positive to come from this, hopefully people will go check out their music and show them some love.”

Skrillex has also been working with members of Incubus and Deftones.

Watch a NME interview with Skrillex below:


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