Slaves join anti-harassment campaign and vow to halt gigs if they see groping in crowd

Girls Against campaign recently launched to raise awareness of issue

Slaves have added their voice to the Girls Against campaign, which attempts to stop groping at gigs.

Girls Against was launched by five teenagers in attempt to raise awareness of and to stop harassment of women and girls at live shows.

The Tunbridge Wells duo recently spoke out against groping at gigs after an incident in Cardiff was drawn to their attention. They wrote on Facebook: “Putting your hands all over any woman without her permission is not on at any sort of concert.”

Now, the band have spoken to BBC Newsbeat about the issue, saying: “You’re not welcome at our shows if you’re one of these blokes,” Isaac Holman said, adding: “Have you not had a mother or a sister? What are you doing?”

“It’s not acceptable and I just think it’s important there’s an awareness around it. Our security are getting briefed about it now before our shows,” he continued.


“When a girl is trying to say something to a security man he might not be taking it too seriously. It might fall on deaf ears so we thought by having a female member of security in the pit as well it would make the girls feel a bit more safe.”

“We’re definitely keeping more of an eye out and we’ve started saying in between songs to have respect for each other, make sure everyone’s looking out for each other.”

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