The band withdrew the promo for 'Wait And Bleed' two weeks ago - but now you can have a peek...

This is the video that nine-strong US masked metallers SLIPKNOT didn’t want you to see.

A promotional video for their last ‘Wait And Bleed’ single, it shows Slipknot as clay puppets, and was withdrawn on request of the band members.

The video was shown once on MTV in the States two weeks ago, but the band were said to be unhappy with the results.


A UK spokesperson for the band’s label Roadrunner told NME.COM: “I don’t think they were happy with the edit. We don’t know the exact reason why just yet.”

Despite Slipknot’s decision to pull the video, the webmaster of [url=]www.nothingvideos.comhas managed to obtain a copy and it’s now available to download from that site.