The Charlatans’ Tim Burgess working with The Horrors, Ladyhawke and Klaxons on new solo album

The follow-up to 2003's 'I Believe' is set to have 'a European flavour with a New Zealand twist'

The CharlatansTim Burgess has revealed that he is collaborating with members of The Horrors, Ladyhawke and Klaxons on a new solo album.

Set to be the follow-up to 2003’s ‘I Believe’, the frontman described working on the LP as being “explosive”.

“I’ve been working with Josh [Hayward], the guitarist from The Horrors and Stefan [Halperin], the drummer from the Klaxons,” Burgess told “Right now we can only do stuff when our other bands aren’t doing things, but when we do get together, it’s really explosive and it’ll be well worth waiting for.”

The as-yet untitled album, which will “hopefully” be released in 2011, is also set to include Ladyhawke.

“Musically, it’s going to sound like all of our bands put together,” he explained. “It’ll definitely be different from my first solo album because I made that with session musicians from Los Angeles and this is being made with people from New Zealand and London. It’ll have a European flavour with a New Zealand twist.”

The Charlatans, who are currently on a tour of North America in support of their new album ‘Who We Touch’, will embark on a UK tour in October.