Clash legend prepares to say goodbye to Hammersmith Palais

Paul Simonon plans to take a memento home

Clash legend Paul Simonon is preparing to say goodbye to London’s Hammersmith Palais later this week – and he’s preparing to take a memento home.

The bassist will perform the penultimate show at the legendary venue with The Good, The Bad & The Queen on Saturday (March 31) – and although The Fall are due to play the next day (April 1), the star told NME.COM he is still considering indulging in a little vandalism so he can get a souvenir.

“I was thinking maybe I could bring an axe down and chop up a bit of the stage to take home as a memento,” he explained. “I’ve got a feeling there might be somebody on the stage the day after us so there might be a few splinters going in a few toes otherwise. I’ll just take a couple of planks maybe.”

He added: “I suppose it’s one of those places that going way back in time – probably our parents used to go. It seems a shame that yet another place in London is closing down for live music. It was purpose-made, a lot of places are probably ex-cinemas these days and they’re not always perfect for the sound quality.

Hammersmith is one of those unique places. It’s got quite a cosy atmosphere, you don’t sort of feel that you’re half a mile away and you’re not caught up in seats. The problem with seats is that they have bouncers that make you stay in your seat so it’s not really conducive to rock‘n’roll and even if you want to go for a dance!”

Simonon also admitted the chances of his new band playing The Clash’s 1978 single ‘(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais’ to mark the venue’s closure were “highly unlikely. Anyway I’ve forgotten the chords!”.