The Interrupters share a survival story in new single ‘Anything Was Better’

The song sees frontwoman Aimee Interrupter get candid about her background

The Interrupters have dropped another taste of their forthcoming album ‘In The Wild’, generating a rumbling and anthemic soundscape in new single ‘Anything Was Better’.

In ‘Anything Was Better’, the heavy step of the bass guitar holds up spitting vocals, brash with both disdain and resolution. The song’s narrative is clear, The Interrupters delivering a sense of unity in the boisterous harmony of the chorus.

Check out the official lyric video for ‘Anything Was Better’ below:


In a press release, lead singer Aimee Interrupter (real name Aimee Allen) spoke of the song’s harrowing origins: “[It’s] the story of my escape from not necessarily a location but from the pain and trauma of my upbringing. It’s also a story of hope and seeking refuge in the unknown. I said goodbye to everyone and everything I ever knew because in my mind anything was better than where I was from.”

‘Anything Was Better’ was among the songs written in a newly minted home studio in their Los Angeles garage, more of which make up their upcoming fourth album, ‘In The Wild’. Due for release on August 5 via Hellcat / Epitaph, it marks The Interrupters’ first new album in four years, following 2018’s ‘Fight The Good Fight’.

The band heralded their return last month with the release of lead single ‘In The Mirror’. Similarly to today’s release, that song was influenced by Allen’s tumultuous past. “I fell into so many self-destructive patterns trying to come to terms with my childhood,” she said upon its release. “I spent so long trying to run from the pain. No matter how far I ran, there I was… I realised I needed to make peace with who I saw in the mirror.”

Additionally, the band expressed not only their excitement for the new album’s release, but commemorated Allen for exploring her past in its themes. They said: “We put so much love into this album. Produced by our very own Kevin Bivona, this album takes you on a journey throughout Aimee’s life and every song is a deep delve.

“The making of the record allowed us to have purpose and to rid our closets of all the skeletons lurking.”