The band get some famous help on their eagerly awaited new album...

Prodigy have recruited superstar actress JULIETTE LEWIS for their new album.

The star, famous for her roles in the movies ’Natural Born Killers’ and ‘Cape Fear’, has collaborated with Liam Howlett on an untitled track set for inclusion on the long awaited new album, which has a working title ‘Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned’.

However, a source close to Prodigy told NME.COM: “There’s definitely been a collaboration but final tracklisting for the album hasn’t been decided yet, so it’s impossible to say if it will make it on to the finished album.”

Lewis is in her own band called The Licks. Speaking about her experiences in music, she said: “Music has always been an integral part of my life and art for obvious reasons and some not so obvious reasons. I’ve used music to inspire emotion in all my film roles. “

Songs expected to appear on the record include ‘Sandstorm’, ‘The Way It Is’, ‘Lovebuzz’, ‘Girls’, ‘Who You’re Fooling’, ‘Action’, ‘Slang Technology’, ‘No Souvenirs’, ‘Wake Up’ and ‘The Gun’.

Speaking about the album in the past, Howlett said: “It sounds sexier! The tracks I’ve done sound like me, they sound like the Prodigy, but they kind of have… they are punk in attitude, but not kind of ‘I’m gonna fuckin scream it down your throat.”

He added: “It is more beats and hard production and kind of toughness that’s on a street level.”

The Prodigy have not made a studio album since 1997’s ‘The Fat Of The Land’, though Howlett released the mix record ‘The Dirtchamber Sessions Vol. 1’ in 1999, and the single ‘Baby’s Got A Temper’ emerged in 2002.

“After ‘Baby’s Got A Temper’ for me, I was never happy with that record,” Howlett said. “I felt like, at that stage I had slipped into a formula of writing and it felt stale. But I think that in hindsight, it was definitely the last time we could write a record like that. And for me it gave me a big wake up call.”

It is also unclear if dancer and singer Keith Flint, who attempted to launch his own solo career last year, is still part of the set-up.