Travis to write new album whilst on tour of North America

Fran Healy starts acoustic tour next month

Travis frontman Fran Healy is hoping that his upcoming tour of North America will give him chance to work on new material for the band.

In America to embark on an acoustic tour with Travis guitarist Andy Dunlop, the pair are planning to write material for a follow up to 2008’s ‘Ode to J.Smith’.

“We’re gonna hopefully write the whole thing, me and Andy [Dunlop] on the bus,” Healy tells “I like the idea of writing an album going across America. I can kind of write anywhere; mostly I tend to sit in hotel rooms and quiet places, but I’ve written in the loudest, noisiest places imaginable, too.” He added.

“It’s like taking a shit; you can do it anywhere, but sometimes it’s nice to do it in a nice, cozy toilet rather than in the bushes.”

Currently planning material for their upcoming tour, which is being dubbed ‘An Evening with Fran Healy and Andy Dunlop: A Chronological Acoustical Journey Through the Travis Back Catalogue: Laugh Out Loud Stories, Scottish Accents, Handsome Scottish Men, Naked Torsos’, the tour won’t just be a musical affair.

“To be honest, I don’t know what to expect,” explained Healy. “I think it’s going to be really special. I have a slide show, sort of a projector screen and a projector, so it’ll look a little like a town hall lecture. That’s the vibe of it. I can’t wait.”

The tour which starts in San Francisco on October 8, will include songs from a body of over 150 songs written by Healy and the band over the years.

“It’s almost like taking baby pictures of the songs and showing them to the audience – except it’s getting the real baby and showing it people,” said Healy.

As well as hoping to write material for the next album, the duo will also be recording the shows to put out as a live CD, with the possibility of a DVD also in the works.