REM unlikely to tour new album ‘Collapse Into Now’

Manager Bertis Downs tells reporters about their plans

R.E.M are unlikely to tour their new album ‘Collapse Into Now’ – according to manager Bertis Downs.

The band release the album on March 7, and Downs is said to have spoken of their touring plans during an interview with the Athens Banner-Herald.

Writing on her blog, interviewer Julie Phillips explained that Downs reiterated to her that the band have not always toured their previous albums, and that they don’t plan to hit the road to promote ‘Collapse Into Now’ either.

Speaking to NME in December, R.E.M guitarist Peter Buck said the band were still deciding whether to tour the album or not. “I’d really like to do it, but we’ve toured a lot recently,” he said, adding that they were due to meet in the New Year to decide properly.

‘Collapse Into Now’ features guests including Eddie Vedder, Peaches and Patti Smith.