Watch Peter Hook play Joy Division classics with an orchestra at ‘Joy Division Orchestrated’

The Joy Division founder also announced the return of his old band at Royal Albert Hall event

Joy Division bassist Peter Hook played a series of the band’s classics with the Manchester Camerata orchestra at London’s Royal Albert Hall last night (July 5).

The event, billed Joy Division Orchestrated, also saw Hook announce the return of his old Monaco, performing their first new song for 19 years during the show.

Hook received a standing ovation at the end of the emotional two-and-a-half hour show, which climaxed with a version of the classic ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ which can be seen below.


At the start, Hook told the audience how the event took a year to organise after he was approached by Manchester Camerata conductor Tim Crooks with the idea. Hook said: “None of you know what to expect, so thanks for coming.”

Hook sang many of the Joy Division songs himself and was joined by three vocalists. These were Natalie Findlay, the singer whose 2017 album ‘Forgotten Pleasures’ was released under the name Findlay; Mica Miller, who has toured with Hook’s current band Peter Hook And The Light; and Bastien Marshall, who looked and dressed like original Joy Division singer Ian Curtis during his performances.

The last song before an interval saw Hook announce the return of his band Monaco. A duo with singer/guitarist David Potts, they released the albums ‘Music For Pleasure’ and ‘Monaco’. Before splitting in 2000, they had Top 20 singles with ‘What Do You Want From Me?’ and ‘Sweet Lips’.

Hook said: “Me and Pottsy have been talking for a while now about doing some new music. This is our first new song for 20 years, and it’s about what Ian and Joy Division’s music means to us. We’re both big Joy Division fans.”


The song, ‘Higher Higher Higher Love’, began with an extended intro featuring a sample of an old Ian Curtis interview, before turning into a driving rock track sung by Hook. Potts has been playing guitar in Peter Hook And The Light.

Hook paid tribute to The Sex Pistols‘ late manager Malcolm McLaren, recalling how McLaren sold him a ticket for 50p to see the Pistols’ famous 1976 gig at Manchester Free Trade Hall. “That gig changed my life,” Hook said. “Just before he died, Malcolm covered ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’. It was so weird, witnessing my life come full circle.”

The band – also featuring keyboardist Martin Rebelski and drummer Leadfoot – then performed McLaren’s cover, which mixed ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ with Captain & Tennille’s 1975 hit ‘Love Will Keep Us Together’.

Joy Division’s debut album ‘Unknown Pleasures’ recently reached No. 5, after it was reissued for its 40th anniversary. The anniversary saw its iconic artwork beamed on to various landmarks in Manchester, as well as a tie-in range of clothing by Goodhood.

Peter Hook And The Light have forthcoming festival appearances at Chiddingly Rock, Dartford Festival, Live From Times Square, Rewind North, Live By The Sea, Electric Fields and Beyond The Tracks.

Hook and Crooks previously worked together on the Hacienda Classical shows, performing rave-era classics with Manchester Camerata.

Joy Division Orchestrated played:

‘Love Will Tear Us Apart (Piano Version)’
‘Day Of The Lords’
‘New Dawn Fades’
‘Means To An End’
‘Heart And Soul’
’24 Hours’
‘Higher Higher Higher Love’
‘Rachel’s Song’
‘Atrocity Exhibition’
‘Dead Souls’
‘She’s Lost Control’
‘Funeral March’
‘These Days’
‘Love Will Tear Us Apart/Love Will Keep Us Together’
‘The Eternal’
‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’