Watch TWICE perform a pristine ‘Set Me Free’ on ‘Jimmy Fallon’

The track originally appeared on their 12th mini-album ‘Ready To Be’

To celebrate the release of new mini-album ‘Ready To Be’, TWICE took to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to perform new single ‘Set Me Free’ – check it out below:

‘Set Me Free’ is the only song on ‘Ready To Be’ that has both Korean and English-language versions.

TWICE’s appearance on Fallon saw the nine-piece band deliver slick choreography and glorious harmonies while the audience lost their minds.


Check out the performance below:

‘Ready To Be’ was released on Friday (March 10) and comes eight months after the release of TWICE’s last mini-album ‘Between 1&2’, which the group released after renewing their contracts with agency JYP Entertainment earlier in 2022.

The launch of ‘Ready To Be’ was also marked by the release of a music video for ‘Set Me Free’.

Following the release of ‘Ready To Be’, TWICE will debut their first-ever sub-unit comprising Japanese members Sana, Momo and Mina. Dubbed MISAMO, the trio will release their first original Japanese mini-album on July 26.


Earlier this month, TWICE were named Billboard’s 2023 Women in Music Breakthrough act. Speaking about their success to the publication, Jihyo said: “I think it’s the songs of ours that carry TWICE’s color rather than the language in which the song is sung. I don’t think the language is that relevant in carrying out TWICE’s [identity].”

Speaking about ‘Ready To Be’, Nayeon said it sees the group “grow up even more as artists.”

In other news, the girl group recently launched their own virtual world in the gaming platform Roblox.

Dubbed TWICE Square, the space features feature mini-games, digital clothing, emotes and more for to trade and collect. In addition, the girl group also have plans to update TWICE Square throughout the year, as well as make virtual visits.

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