Original member Mikey Welsh has a "private medical problem"...

WEEZER have been forced to look for a new bassist because MIKEY WELSH is suffering from a “private medical problem”.

According to a posting on the official Weezer website, www.weezer.com, the group have started looking for a replacement for Welsh after the bassist was unable to meet the band for rehearsals in LA because of his illness.

The posting reads: “I’ve learned that Mikey has not come to rehearsals in LA yet, due to some sort of private medical problem (no, not a cliche rock-star drug problem!). He has been holed up in Boston near his family. The rest of the guys are waiting for word, but have decided that there’s so much work coming up for the band that they had better try out some bass players in case Mikey can’t make it.


“So in between learning new songs… in rehearsal, they’ve begun trying out different bass players, which as any band knows is extremely difficult.”

A UK spokesperson for the band was unavailable for comment this morning (August 15).