The lyrics and title of 'Hash Pipe' are changed to the much more wholesome 'Half Pipe'...

WEEZER have been forced to change the title and lyrics of forthcoming single ‘HASH PIPE’, in order to get key daytime rotation on MTV in the US.

The band have changed the title to ‘Half Pipe’, so that it can be played between 4pm and 7pm, peak viewing hours.

A spokesperson for MTV told NME.COM that the same change would apply in the UK.


However, he said that in the British instance the change had not been demanded, rather Weezer had supplied a different version.

He also added that it would be possible for fans to hear the original ‘Hash Pipe’ on MTV.

“Between 4 and 7pm, we are bound by ITC regulations that will not allow a reference to ‘hash’. But theoretically, there is nothing to stop the original being played before 4 and after 7. That’s if it is playlisted, of course.”

‘Hash Pipe’ is released on July 2, with a decision on whether or not it will be playlisted on MTV expected to be taken within a week.

The title change reflects one taken recently by Badly Drawn Boy. He had to change the title and lyrics of ‘Pissing In The Wind’ to ‘Spitting in The Wind’ in order to guarantee daytime radio play in the UK.