Wiley challenges Stormzy to rap clash at The O2

"Get me on that world tour"

Stormzy has turned down the chance to lyrically spar with Wiley in a huge clash at The O2.

The Godfather of Grime started a furious war of words with Stormzy earlier this month, prompting the pair to trade blows on savage diss tracks such as ‘Disappointed’ and ‘Eediyat Skengman’ after exchanging insults on Twitter.

But despite the feud seemingly dying down, Wiley has now called out Stormzy to demand that they trade blows in a rap battle at the London arena The O2.


In a series of since deleted tweets, Wiley wrote: “@stormzy The industry is not designed to benefit us in the end step away now and clash me @TheO2 and you will forever be #BigMike stay with them and you end up like the obvious.

“Furthermore @stormzy Get me on that world tour let’s spice it up a bit.” He then added: “@stormzy Let’s Go o2 ting PPV ting,” referencing pay-per-view fights.

But Stormzy didn’t waste time in shutting down the offer, simply replying: “No thanks.”

Stormzy kids interview
Stormzy (Picture: Getty)

His curt response comes days after Stormzy declared himself to be the winner of the feud.

“It’s done. We had the exchange. My last stop, I said 24 hours to reply, posted the video and then I was doing a signing and went to go smoke a cigarette and check the time. I was like,’all right, cool. We just got about 10 minutes left’. Nothing happened,” he told Beats 1’s Ebro Darden.


Stormzy continued: “The next day or something, he dropped it. I heard it and it was like, ‘Okay, like we’re going to leave it here.’ The album went number one the day after. There were celebrations for that.”

“Now I’m thinking, “It was a quick, easy victory”. I big up Wiley for [the fight] all day long. He’s got a duty to protect his genre.”

Stormzy will head out on a global tour which starts in Europe next month, before a string of subsequent shows in Asia, North America and Africa.