Former Wu Lyf frontman Ellery Roberts unveils new track ‘Kerou’s Lament’ – listen

The singer announced the band's split in November (2012)

Former Wu Lyf frontman Ellery Roberts has unveiled a new track – listen to it above.

Titled ‘Kerou’s Lament’, the song, which he posted on his Tumblr, is the first new music to be unveiled by the singer since he announced his departure from the group in the form of a letter to his bandmates under the statement “WU LYF is dead to me” accompanied by a YouTube clip. The band released their debut LP ‘Go Tell Fire To The Mountain’ in June 2011 and had reportedly been working on new material.

The accompanying text to ‘Kerou’s Lament’ reveals that the track features samples from Lil B’s ‘I’m God’ (produced by Clams Casino) and philosopher Daniel Pinchbeck’s ‘Planetary Initiation’ lecture. It also quotes the song’s lyrics: “To the powers of old/ to the powers that be/ 
you have fucked up this world/ 
but you wont fuck with me”
 with the line 
”infinity repetition”.


Earlier this year (April 25), the other former members of Wu Lyf, who are now recording under the name Los Porcos, played their first gig in London. Speaking about WuLyf’s split, drummer Joe Manning told NME: “We all knew it wasn’t working…There’s no one explanation for it. There’s a million reasons that don’t amount to much more than it just didn’t work. No-one is trying to cover anything up. If it doesn’t work it’s going to break eventually.”

When asked about the current state of their relationship with Roberts, he said the situation was too personal to comment, but did add: “None of us knew that was going to happen before we read it on the internet…There’s nothing cryptic in that message for me; it’s personal, and I don’t know why he had to do it like that.”