Rick and Morty: who are the show’s cosmic superheroes The Vindicators?

Move over Avengers, there’s a new team in town

The latest episode of Rick and Morty saw the dynamic duo link up with a host of other cosmic beings with incredibly niche super powers, in a ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’-cum-Avengers parody. Teaming up against Worldender – a super villain who revels in genocide and destroying planets, things don’t go as planned for the squad.

But who makes up the dysfunctional teen titans that are the Vindicators? Here’s the low down:

Vance Maximus Renegade Starsoldier


The unspoken leader of The Vindicators, Starsoldier bears a striking similarity to Star Lord from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. The fast talking, hard drinking human is the one who recruited Rick and Morty (for the unseen Vindicators 1), but failed to invited them back for the gang’s second adventure due to “personality conflicts”.


A slightly unhinged parody of Starfire from Teen Titans, Supernova is the real leader of The Vindicators. She has cosmic powers (which meant she was able to turn a normal ant colony into Million Ants) and anger problems.

Million Ants

He’s literally a humanoid figure made up of a colony of a million ants, obviously. Fellow Vindicator Supernova was the one who gave him his mad skills – transforming him from a normal ant colony into the superhero he is today – presumably giving power to the queen ant that controls the other 999, 999 ants, and gives the ability to change form.

Alan Rails


After the death of his parents in a railroad accident, Alan Rails was blessed with the unique power of summoning ghost trains. And what superhero squad doesn’t need somebody with that skill?


Half robot, half man, little is known about his past, although it’s revealed that like the rest of the Vindicator’s he’s had some sort of tragic back story. The only organic parts of his body left are his head, left arm, right foot and tail, the rest of him is all machinery – making him a cyborg.


The masked character acts as a janitor to The Vindicators – and gets left behind on the mission to clean up the mess after Rick soils himself.


Got more questions? Don’t we all; but the team at Adult Swim created this video that’ll help you make a bit more sense of the ramshackle bunch of “heroes”.