Smokepurpp’s ‘Deadstar 2’: release date, tracklist, features and everything we know

The anticipation for Smokepurpp’s Deadstar 2 has been astronomical. In September 2017, we were transported to a distorted and raw world with his debut mixtape ‘Deadstar’ and this sequel is meant to be our second trip there… but when is the big question.

When is the release date for ‘Deadstar 2’?

The mixtape is meant to have been out back in September – Smokepurpp even confirmed it! However, it’s since been pushed back to ensure perfection: the oldest excuse in the book. Purpp’s still insisting that we’ll hear it this year so fingers crossed he reaches perfection, pronto!


What is the cover art going to be?

This is the alleged cover art for Smokepurpp’s upcoming mixtape, ‘Deadstar 2’, the sequel to his debut mixtape, ‘Deadstar’ which included features from the likes of Travis Scott and Chief Keef. The cover is of Smokepurpp in front of a constellation of stars looking dead, being a dead star (geddit?).


What does ‘Deadstar’ even mean?

According to urban dictionary, a deadstar is ‘the remnants of something beyond amazing’ and – what would link to Smokepurpp the most – a ‘burnout rock-star’. He considers himself a self-proclaimed rock-star and to be ‘-burnt out’ in this instance, means to be sluggish from excessive drug usage. Smokepurpp’s moniker came from the fact that he used to smoke plenty of ‘purple Kush’ – a weed strain.

Are there any features on ‘Deadstar 2’?

There is a predicted tracklist on Genius which includes the likes of fellow Floridians, Tank Head and XXXTentacion, from a collective named Members Only, and his best friend Lil Pump. Also, there are high-profiled artists such as Lil Yachty and Swae Lee on there too. However, none of the songs are confirmed at this stage so who will feature is still mostly speculation.

What is the ‘Deadstar 2’ tracklist?

The tracklist is not confirmed and is simply created from snippets heard and song titles from streaming platforms such as Soundcloud. Here’s how it looks on Genius.

  1. TANKHEAD INTERLUDE (ft. Tank Head and XXXTentacion)
  2. Nephew (ft. Lil Pump)
  3. RIP (ft. Sash (Rapper))
  4. Percs/Nodding Off*
  5. Get Paid*
  6. Cuddle*
  7. 24s* (ft. Swae Lee)
  8. Jordan*
  9. Family Vacation*
  10. Piggy Bank (ft. Lil Yachty)
  11. Young Wild Dead N***as*
  12. Are You Down?*
  13. Switchin’ Lanes*
  14. Distance
  15. General*
  16. Deadstar Lifestyle
  17. XXL*
  18. To the Moon – The Landing*

What will ‘Deadstar 2’ sound like?

Smokepurpp revealed on his Instagram story that ‘Deadstar 2’ was going to be more like “To the Moon” where he sings with auto-tuned vocals over softer beats. Going by the snippets he’s been releasing, that sounds about right. There could be more auto-tuned songs and less heavy-bassed and hard-hitting beats unlike his previous mixtape “Bless Yo Trap”. However, we won’t know for sure until it drops. Just know that it will be some of “the best music he has ever made” and you can quote him on that:


All we have is the leaked song “Deadstar Lifestyle” that he released:

Deadstar lifestyle : (DS2 LEAK) by smokepurpp



Who is going to produce ‘Deadstar 2’?

Once again, nothing is confirmed! But it is rumoured to be songs produced by TM88 (who produced Lil Uzi Vert’s ‘XO Tour Lif3), Ronny J (who produces for Denzel Curry, and many other Florida rappers as well as being a frequent collaborator of Purpp’s) and at least one track done with Murda Beatz (who he had done a whole mixtape with earlier this year). Also the legendary producer DJ Mustard, who has produced for the likes of Tinashe and Migos.

Now for the fans that are bursting to hear ‘Deadstar 2’ you may have to wait a little bit longer but remember it is meant to drop this year (but at this rate who knows?). At least while you wait, sit back and watch some memes: