Marvel pay tribute to Stan Lee with touching new posthumous cameo

The former Marvel President has been memoralised in a post-credits sequence

Marvel have paid fresh tribute to the late Stan Lee with the addition of a posthumous cameo by the late comics mogul in the new Deadpool film Once Upon a Deadpool.

Lee, who passed away at the age of 95 last month, was renowned for frequently making surprise appearances in Marvel movies. A number of cameos that he filmed prior to his death are reportedly set to be used in a slew of upcoming Marvel films.

It has now been reported that Marvel have paid tribute to Lee once again in the new PG-13 re-release of Deadpool 2 – titled Once Upon a Deadpool which is currently showing in US cinemas.


As Complex reports, a post-credits sequence in Once Upon a Deadpool contains a few short scenes of Lee reacting to Deadpool’s costume – where he makes one quip about how he’d prefer it if the anti-hero’s costume was green – before an interview segment is played where Lee reflects on his legacy.

“I don’t think about [his legacy] that much, you know?” Lee says in the clip. “When I’m gone, I really don’t care.” A ‘in memoriam’ card of Lee is then displayed with the text 1923 – 2018 underneath.

Late last month, Thor director Kenneth Branagh shared his memories of Lee in a touching tribute piece.