‘Father Ted’ and ‘The IT Crowd’ creator Graham Linehan permanently banned from Twitter

Linehan reportedly said "Men aren’t women tho" in reply to a tweet celebrating trans pride

Graham Linehan, the writer of sitcoms including Father TedThe IT Crowd and Black Books, has been permanently banned from Twitter.

Linehan’s profile under the name ‘Glinner’ had gained notoriety for tweets that many considered to be transphobic, and shortly before being banned had reportedly said “Men aren’t women tho” in reply to a post by the Women’s Institute wishing their trans members a happy Pride Month.

A spokesperson for Twitter said: “The account has been permanently suspended after repeated violations of our rules against hateful conduct and platform manipulation.’”


The site’s definition of “platform manipulation” is “Using Twitter to engage in bulk, aggressive, or deceptive activity that misleads others and/or disrupts their experience.”

Grace Lavery, a writer and academic reacted to the news, saying: “A few weeks ago, Graham Linehan accused me of “grooming” my students. Twitter forced him to take down that baseless accusation. They have now suspended his account. I applaud Twitter for taking this course of action and I hope it is a lesson to others out there that hate speech in any form won’t be tolerated by wider society ”
“I’m likely to remain angry at this man for a while. He caused a lot of pain to me, to people I love, and to the community. But he is also, very clearly, quite unwell. Trans issues have been a compulsive obsession for him. His obsession has taken a lot from him. I hope he gets the help he needs. I hope he has some honest friends able to speak honestly with him. I hope he leaves trans people alone from now on. And I hope that the vicious bigots that held him up for so long—a genocidal ideology—know that they’re next.”

“I am very, very angry at the mess I had to clear up because of this man smearing his fantasies all over my life. I’m just aware that he is merely the easiest type of bigot to dismiss: we have tougher battles ahead.”

In the early hours of Saturday morning an account believed to be Linehan’s posted on the parenting forum Mumsnet about the suspension.

“I’ve fnally been suspended from Twitter and I have a feeling they’re either going to ban me or just take away my blue verified tick,” the post said.


“The latest tactic by trans rights activists is to run a search for any time I’ve used the word ‘groomer’, a phrase Twitter recently decided was Not Allowed.”

It went on to say: “I still use the word ‘grooming in various permutations because I believe that gender ideology is a form of societal grooming. It is a very real threat to the wellbeing of women and children.”

In 2018, Linehan was issued with a verbal harassment warning by police after he was involved in an online row with a transgender activist.