Zach Braff remembers ‘Scrubs’ being “way too un-PC”

"The creators were trying to push things as far as they could on network television"

Zach Braff has said that some of the jokes on Scrubs might not land in the same way today, calling it “way too un-PC”.

In an BBC interview reflecting on the 10th anniversary of the show’s finale, the actor admitted the comedy might now read differently.

“Some of it is way too un-PC, I’m sure, for now,” Braff said. “We often cringe and go okay, you definitely couldn’t do that joke today.


“Sometimes even at the time things would get censored because the creators were trying to push things as far as they could on network television.”

Scrubs ran for nine seasons from 2001 to 2010, following a group of young doctors rising up the ranks. Braff played main character Dr. John ‘JD’ Dorian, alongside Donald Faison as Christopher Turk.

On how the show might develop new poignancy, Faison added how well Scrubs has actually aged. “With this whole pandemic going on, right now we should shine a light on all of the people in the medical profession.

“So I definitely think Scrubs still holds up. For the simple fact that there are still people in the medical profession who’re going through the same things.”

Last month, it was confirmed that all nine seasons would be streaming on All 4 – with all 182 episodes landing on the platform on May 1.


“It will be the first time all nine seasons have been available on All 4,” said Nick Lee, the station’s head of series acquisitions. “So we can’t wait to relive some of the show’s best moments and have the theme tune ‘I’m No Superman’ going through our heads for the next few months!”