Twitter set for massive increase in Tweet length

The limit is set to rise from 280 characters to 4,000

Twitter is set to see the character limit on Tweets massively increase from 280 characters to 4,000.

The social media giant’s CEO, Elon Musk, confirmed this by responding to a tweet asking if rumours of the change were true. His answer was a simple “Yes” with no further elaboration, so it is currently not yet known when the change will be rolled out.

This comes as the latest of a host of new developments for the social network. It confirmed through its official account that Twitter Blue is relaunching today (December 12), which gives users who pay $8 (£6.51) a month on web or $11 (£8.96) on iOS access to subscriber-only features, including an edit button, 1080p video uploads, reader mode and a blue checkmark.


Users who change their Twitter handle, display name or profile photo will temporarily lose their blue checkmark until their account is reviewed again.

Twitter paused its plans for paid verification last month, after its announcement of the plan triggered a wave of users creating fake accounts and posing as people and brands.

The network also confirmed it has started to roll out its new system in which different types of verified accounts will have different coloured checkmarks. Government accounts will bear grey checkmarks while companies will have gold ones – Twitter’s own account has already begun to display a gold checkmark. More grey and gold checkmarks will appear on verified accounts later in the week.

The platform has also launched a ‘Community Notes’ feature that lets users add context to tweets in a bid to combat misinformation. Users can vote on whether they find the context provided by other users “helpful” or irrelevant. They can also sign up to contribute to Community Notes and apply to be contributors on specific topics [via The Independent].

Meanwhile, Elton John recently announced he was quitting the platform, citing changes in the social media platform’s policy that have allowed “misinformation to flourish unchecked”.

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