Watch Brian May unbox the Queen monopoly game

"This is all about live, this is about Queen live".

Queen’s Brian May has released a new video detailing and promoting the forthcoming Queen Monopoly game which substitutes properties for iconic band moments.

This board game merchandise project has been in the works for a year in a half, which May compares to the time-frame of making an album. The way it deviates from the traditional Monopoly formula is that the game is designed to immerse you in the feeling that you’re in your own band.

May says in the video: “You’ve got your band on the road and you have a career, and all the milestones that happen in real life will happen to you. All the good stuff and all the bad stuff, too.”


The video is 18-minutes long and contains a comprehensive discussion of the game rules, an unboxing of the game pieces and board and explains how this collaboration came to be.

Watch the unboxing video below.

In short, the game plays similarly to regular Monopoly except that the properties are concert venues and the cards are Queen-themed: Stations are Global Hit Records, Chance is a “kind of magic,” Community Chest becomes In the Lap of the Gods and the Water and Electric Company become Lighting and Sound Company cards, reports Rolling Stone.

The classic thimble, terrier and boot pieces are replaced with Brian May’s guitar, a ‘News Of The World’ robot and a ‘Fat Bottomed Girl’ on a bicycle.


May explains: “Monopoly has always been about the pursuit of money, I guess. But in this case, you’re pursuing not just money but in a way excellence in your craft”.

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Queen’s Monopoly will be available here from June 23.

Recently, Brian May spoke about the terror attack in Manchester, describing it as the most terrible thing” while also speaking out against Britain’s foreign policy.