Five things you need to know about the Xbox One X

Microsoft's new console is almost here

As the Xbox One X arrives on November 7, here are five essential pieces of info to know about “the most powerful console in the world”.

1. It’s not a brand-new console – but it’s a hefty upgrade

There are no games exclusive to the Xbox One X that you can’t already play on your Xbox One or Xbox One S. It’s not a new generation of console. That said, the Xbox One X is the most powerful console on the market, and your games will look way better on it. Trusted Reviews say it’s “the pinnacle in console hardware”, while The Verge call it “the world’s most powerful console”.

This is the first Xbox console to provide 4K, ‘Ultra HD’ performance – which means its main competitor is the PlayStation 4 Pro, and it comfortably beats the PS4 Pro in almost all categories. Whereas that console only manages 30 frames per second at 4K, the Xbox One X can deliver 60fps at 4K. It is more expensive, though, coming in at £449.99 – £100 more than the PS4 Pro.

2. Your games will look way better on it


Though the main selling point of the console is that it runs games in 4K – 4 times the quality of HD – you won’t actually need a 4K TV to see the performance improvements. As CD Projekt RED’s Jakub Kutrzuba said in the Xbox blog: “Thanks to 4K, we can show everything our artists created with more detail. And it’s not just owners of a 4K TV who will benefit from the higher resolution. Thanks to supersampling, the leap in quality will be visible even on a 1080p screen.”

More than 130 games are being enhanced for the console, including Shadow of War, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Assassins Creed: Origins. Look out for the ‘Xbox One X Enhanced’ logo and see a full list of the Enhanced games – both to come and available now – right here.

3. It’s smaller – but heavier – than the Xbox One S

At 3.8kg, it’s almost 1kg heavier than the Xbox One S, but that’s just thanks to the amount of technology crammed inside – including the power converter which, as with the Xbox One S, is inside the console itself.

4. It’s got a new cooling system

Almost the entire back of the console is an exhaust that releases heat from the console. It’s channelled to the back by a vapour chamber cooling system, allowing the console to be smaller but far more powerful.

5. It’s really easy to transfer your old Xbox One games and apps over

If you’re moving from an old Xbox One model to the new Xbox One X, you can use a Seagate Game Drive to transfer everything over. Plug the Game Drive into your old Xbox One, and move all your files onto the disk. Then, when you plug it into your Xbox One X, you can move all of the games and apps onto the 1TB internal hard disk. But that’s not the last time you’ll use it – you can then use the Game Drive as a storage place for your games, and you can run your games off the hard drive – effectively doubling or tripling the size of your Xbox One X’s storage space.