Watch Zach Braff narrate ‘Scrubs’ script written by a computer

It's pretty bizarre

Zach Braff briefly revived his Scrubs character JD to recite the ending of a script written entirely by a computer.

Back in October, the Botnik Studios Twitter account posted a script that it said had been made by a computer after it “trained predictive keyboards on Scrubs scripts”. The tweet described the script as “the exact average episode of Scrubs“.

At the time, Braff said that he wanted to get the whole cast back together to recite the script. However, he now admits that this proved difficult due to the individuals being located all around the world.


Instead, he has marked the festive season by posting a video of him reciting JD’s final monologue from the bot-created – and pretty bizarre – script to Twitter.

“What is a hospital?” he reads as JD. “A hospital is a lot like a high school: the most amazing man is dying, and you’re the only one who wants to steal stuff from his dad.

“Being in a hospital is a lot like being in a sorority. You have greasers and surgeons. And even though it sucks about Doctor Tapioca, not even that’s sad.”

Watch in the clip below:

Someone has even synced the audio up to old Scrubs footage:


You can read the whole script below:

The medical sitcom aired for nine seasons from 2001 to 2010. Last year, Braff addressed the possibility of a Scrubs revival.

Hosting a Twitter Q&A last December, Braff was asked about the show returning in the future, to which he said: “You never know, it’s something we all talk about.”

The actor went on to express “jealousy” for recent reunion shows, such as Gilmore Girls. “I’m very jealous of all this Gilmore Girls attention, and Full House, so we talk about it every now and then,” he added. “So you never know. It could happen. I’d do it.”

Following reports that he had “pretty much confirmed” the return of Scrubs, Braff tweeted: “No he didn’t. Or did he…”