May The First-Class Force Be With You: A First Look At Royal Mail’s New Star Wars Stamps

If you’re into both stamp-collecting and Star Wars, then today is a red-letter day for you, friend: the Royal Mail have announced a series of bespoke designs in time for the hotly-anticipated release of the new, J.J. Abrams-directed The Force Awakens, which opens in cinemas on December 18th. Because there’s nothing quite like ramping up the excitement for the new installment of a major film franchise than with the unveiling of a new set of commemorative stamps, right? And so to get you in the stamp-licking and lightsaber-swishing mood, here’s a first look at this new set of Star Wars stamps.


The welcome news that there will be, for the first time, female stormtroopers in the new film has been roundly applauded by fans of both Star Wars and gender equality – so why not celebrate this glorious moment of social mobility with a stamp version of the Galactic Empire’s fearsome foot soldiers?


Princess Leia’s famous pastry-shaped hairstyle from the first few films is further immortalised here, although her role in the new film will take on a more militarily-minded direction – she’ll be General Leia to you, private. But hold on a minute – why have the beloved mechanised double-act of R2-D2 and C-3PO been relegated to the bottom corner of the stamp? THIS IS AN OUTRAGE


“I AM YOUR FATHER” – that’s what you’ll be effectively saying if you send your tax return back with this stamp attached.



And so we move onto the new characters, who are set to write their name into geeky folklore with their starring roles in The Force Awakens. First up is Kylo Ren, who looks a teeny bit like Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th films, no? That’s a cracking red lightsaber, mind.