Konami announces ‘eFootball’, a new free to play, cross-generation game

For some, this won’t come as the biggest shock ever, but Konami has dropped the name ‘Pro Evolution Soccer’, and has gone entirely digital and free to play with its new football game for this year. It’s now simply called ‘eFootball’, and is launching this Autumn.

‘ITALY: Land Of Wonders’ is the Italian governments first video game

ITALY: Land Of Wonders aims to help everyone discover the beauty of Italy

Android 12 update will let owners play games as they download

Games will be ready to open two times faster

Roblox and Sony agree music licensing deal

Remember last month when the music industry hit Roblox with a $200 million lawsuit due to the amount of music that was breaching copyright laws by being used? Well, it seems that Roblox and Sony have sat down and reached an agreement so that music can be licensed, legitimately, in the game.

‘Genshin Impact’ set to get cross-save for all formats soon

As one of the most successful games in the free-to-play world that isn’t ‘Fortnite’, ‘Genshin Impact’ has got eyes on it almost constantly. It borrows heavily from games like ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ and mixes in some gacha-based free-to-play mechanics, offering a gorgeous world to explore, but as of right now, if you play on PlayStation, your save won’t work on PC or Mobile. But that looks as though it may be changing, and even the Switch version may end up getting a cross-save option when it finally comes out.

‘Pokémon GO’ has surpassed £3.6billion in revenue since launch

The game has generated $1 billion on average each year since 2016