‘Battlefield V’ headlines May’s free PlayStation Plus game lineup

You can easily make the argument that Sony has had to up its game with the free games, thanks to how good the Xbox Game Pass service is, and while it isn’t a one to one comparison or competitor, May’s free PlayStation Plus games are pretty good, starting with a classic from EA.

‘BioShock 4’ will be an open world game with side-quests

It’s been eight long years since the last instalment in the ‘BioShock’ series came out. ‘BioShock Infinite’ saw the game ditch the underwater aesthetic for a cloud based setting (not that kind of cloud, we mean literally in the clouds), to huge success, then designer Ken Levine left the developer Irrational Games, and it seems BioShock was done.

‘The Last of Us’ HBO Show will retell the first game’s story, but also change things

As one of the biggest games on the last generation of consoles, Sony and Naughty Dog’s ‘The Last of Us Part II’ wowed fans the world over with intense, violent storytelling, and incredible visuals, and hopes are high that the tv-show adaptation from HBO will go some way as to matching the quality of the game’s world, but now we know for sure what the series is going to be about, and it’s going to retell the first game in the series.