Paramore’s Hayley Williams reveals she wants to play shows with band Shame

"I’m so stoked to see what they do next. And I hope we get to play shows with them"

Brian May says Queen used to get “irritated” when audiences sang along to songs

He said at first, they just wanted audiences "to listen" to their songs

Bruce Springsteen fanzine ‘Backstreets’ to close after 43 years

The creators of the fanzine say it's down to "dynamic pricing" of tickets leading to fans being "froze out"

Taylor Hawkins’ son Shane wins award for drum performance at tribute concert

"It touched millions of people and showed how much love, energy, and spirit can come out on the drum kit"

Korn have surprised fans by releasing new EP ‘Requiem Mass’

The new EP comes a year after the release of album 'Requiem'

Jimmy Page honours Jeff Beck as “the quiet chief” at funeral

Comedian Jim Moir, aka Vic Reeves, mentioned the poignant detail in an Instagram post

John Lydon says he’s “terrified of mugging up” Eurovision entry

Lydon's band Public Image Ltd are competing in the selection stage with a song dedicated to his wife