New ‘Call Of Duty’ games will launch on Xbox Game Pass

None of the 'Call Of Duty' titles are currently available on the service

Microsoft teases Xbox Series X/S successor

“Exciting stuff” will be revealed later this year

Four Xbox-exclusive games will be released on rival consoles as an experiment

“We’re doing it for the better of Xbox’s business"

How to watch the Xbox Developer Direct 2024

The show will feature the first look at the brand new 'Indiana Jones' game

Hideo Kojima and Jordan Peele collaborating on new horror game, ‘OD’

Kojima also revealed that other "legendary" collaborators are working on the game

‘Destiny 2’ developer Bungie faces an uncertain future, report claims

The company is allegedly going through a difficult period

Xbox Game Pass might be coming to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

This isn't the first time the notion has come up

Bethesda defends ‘Starfield’ from “boring” criticism in Steam reviews

Bethesda has currently only responded to negative reviews