Oculus Quest 2 is getting even better, with wireless PC play

As one of the best and most comfortable VR options available, Oculus Quest 2 already offers an entirely wireless experience, untethered from any PC at all, allowing you to literally play ‘Superhot’ in a field if you fancy it. But now, the Quest 2 is making a move that might make it the ultimate VR headset for all requirements.

Square Enix has removed the ‘Balan Wonderworld’ demo

It was fairly brave of Square Enix to put up a demo for not one, but two brand new IPs in the form of ‘Balan Wonderworld’ and ‘Outriders’, but it seems as of right now, the demo of the new game from the original ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ team lead programmer has been removed from all previously available storefronts.

Nintendo reveal loads of new indie games, some of which are available right now

As seems to be becoming the norm, Nintendo has held an indie showcase which is designed to reveal some brand new and exciting indie games to the world, but also as usual, some have been announced and released right away, including one game you really shouldn’t miss.

Aloy from ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ is joining ‘Fortnite’

The crossovers for the world’s biggest battle royale just won’t stop, and after Kratos from ‘God of War’ joined the fight, not Aloy from ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ and, in the future, ‘Horizon Forbidden West’ is getting in on the action, though this time it’s not just a skin you can buy.

The first major PlayStation 5 update is out now and adds storage options

It’s been a while since Sony said much about the PlayStation 5, and while people continue to have trouble finding stock, the console itself has received an update which adds some new features: some of which are major, and some not so big.

The voice cast for ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade’ has been announced

A surprise announcement at the last Sony State of Play, the long wanted remake of ‘Final Fantasy VII’ is getting a re-release for PlayStation 5, and it’s getting some new content, and we now know who will be voicing the cast for the new episode.

A ‘Days Gone’ sequel isn’t happening, but a remake of ‘The Last of Us’ might be

‘Days Gone’ was a surprise hit for Sony Bend Studios in the end. Despite a rocky launch and being delayed multiple times, after some patches and updates, it was a solid game that even recently got a PlayStation 5 update, but, sadly, it seems a sequel is not happening any time soon.

‘Resident Evil Village’ is part of a trilogy of games

As we get closer to the release of ‘Resident Evil Village’, which has almost become the biggest game of the year by default right now, more and more information is slipping out, like the reveal that Village is in fact the middle game of a trilogy.