Adam Cook

The director of ‘The Witcher 3’ resigns following bullying allegations

CD Projekt RED have had a pretty rough time of it lately. For years journalists have reported on crunch culture, whereby people are forced to work overtime to meet increasing demands, and the developer has often been mentioned in the same breath when crunch comes up. And now, well, the game director for ‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’ has resigned.

‘Resident Evil Village’ took on feedback that ‘Resident Evil 7’ was too scary

As we approach the eve of ‘Resident Evil Village’ hitting virtual and physical stores, the marketing hype is ramping up, but the latest comment from the producer could be taken as a major positive, or a major negative depending on how you feel about the previous game.

Gamescom will be an all-digital event this year after all

Nobody needs to tell you that it’s been a weird year in pretty much every industry, but the games industry is no exception to that, and after original plans to host the Germany-based Gamescom 2021 as a part digital, part physical event, the organisers have now confirmed it’s going to be digital only for this year.

2014 Xbox One exclusive ‘Sunset Overdrive’ trademark registered by Sony

This is probably the strangest gaming story you’ll hear this week, but there are early signs that the 2014 Xbox One exclusive, ‘Sunset Overdrive’ might be coming to PlayStation, though this may also just be a case of securing the future of the brand name. Stick with us on this one…

Royal Blood team up with PlayStation to release new track in ‘MLB The Show 21’

It’s been a while since fans of games and music got to join forces to chat about something, and it seems long gone are the days of excited discussions around what tracks would be in the new Rock Band or Guitar Hero. Indeed there was a time the latest FIFA title would have a much talked about soundtrack thanks to the EA Tracks setup, but we’ve got a collaboration now between two major players: Royal Blood and PlayStation.

PlayStation partners with Discord to bring the service to consoles next year

There have been rumours swirling around the communication service Discord for a while now. The heaviest was that Xbox would be scooping up the brand in an acquisition, and fans were pretty excited about that, but it turns out this isn’t the case, and instead, Sony has made a minority investment in the service in a deal that’ll bring it to consoles early next year.

‘Nioh’ and ‘Streets of Rage 4’ coming to PlayStation Now

In an effort not to be outdone by Microsoft and Game Pass, Sony are ramping up its own PlayStation Now service with more games each month. In fairness, Sony were always adding games to the service, but perhaps in reaction to the praise Xbox Game Pass gets, they’re making more noise, and adding bigger games.

‘Alien Isolation’ and ‘Assassin’s Creed’ join the 97 FPS boosted Xbox games list

After another rollout of the FPS boost mode, there are now 97 Xbox One games that have received an upgrade thanks to the Xbox Series X and S feature. A lot of the games are actually part of the Game Pass library already, and the boost for these titles is either double to 60 fps from 30, or as high as 120fps thanks to the power of the new console.

‘FIFA 21’ and ‘Red Dead Online’ coming to Game Pass

It’s the start of the month, folks, which means it’s time for your update as to which games are coming to Game Pass, and it looks like another killer month for the team at Xbox, with some huge titles coming to the service.

‘Battlefield V’ headlines May’s free PlayStation Plus game lineup

You can easily make the argument that Sony has had to up its game with the free games, thanks to how good the Xbox Game Pass service is, and while it isn’t a one to one comparison or competitor, May’s free PlayStation Plus games are pretty good, starting with a classic from EA.