The best free phone apps to use if you’re a fresher

If you're 'appy and you know it...

Freshers’ Week may be all over for most, but the excitement of your first year at University is only just beginning. As you settle into lectures, living in halls, cooking for yourself and budgeting money, it can all be a bit overwhelming; but there are plenty of ways to make life a little bit easier.

Whether you need something simple to show how much money you’re spending, and on what, or a fail-safe way to save a few pounds – here are all the apps you should be using as a Student.



Money can be the cause of countless arguments at University – so why not avoid them from the start? Splitwise is a free app for iPhone, Android and web users where you can split the bills amongst users and share IOUs. It’ll show down to the penny how much you owe your flatmates, or how much they owe you, so now there will be now rows over who owes who for the bin liners.

Daily Budget

If you struggle with budgeting and working out where your money actually goes, Daily Budget is a brill free app that can help. You input your yearly income (so however much you may get from student loan or a part-time job), and takes into account your monthly outgoings (like rent and bills), and then tells you how much money you have to spend each day. You just have to track each time you spend money – and it’ll then tell you how much you have left to spend, and if you go over your budget.


If you study or live in London – Drinki is a godsend. The app allows you to get your first drink free at countless bars across the capital, as long as you visit at a certain time. You can get one free drink every 24 hours; but Drinki also offers impressive discounts on further rounds, meaning if you are at uni in the expensive city, this will become a lifesaver for saving money on nights out.

All Recipes

It’s a Sunday night, the shops are all closed – and you only have a slightly odd selection of ingredients in your cupboard. How will you eat? That’s where All Recipes comes in. You can search their huge catalogue of recipes with the ingredients you already have in – and it’ll suggest recipes that include them. And if you’re a lazy cook it comes with a feature where you can search by how long the cooking will take.



Too Good To Go allows you to buy takeaway food at a bargain price. You use the app to order food from restaurants and cafes near you, collect it in a designated time slot and then enjoy! The food never costs more than £3.80 – and it’s so cheap as it’s fresh food that would otherwise be thrown away at the stores closing time: so you get to enjoy your delicious dinner at a bargain price, and feel smug about it as you’re contributing to tackling food waste.


It’s an obvious one, but UNiDAYS is really worth a download. Just sign-up with your University details – and then reap the benefits of discounted online shopping, cheaper meals out and even discounted gym membership.


Don’t just lose your to-do lists in that pile of post-its that are stacking up on your desk, keep them in the palm of your hand with Wunderlist. The app is dead easy to use, and allows you to create multiple lists and you can share lists with partners (so it’s easy to share your shopping list with flat mates if you’re cooking together!) It’s also available for free across most major devices – so you can access it on your Apple Watch, and then when you boot up your Kindle Fire.