‘Avengers: Endgame’ – is there a post-credits scene?

The grand finale of Phase 3 is missing Marvel's greatest tradition

After 10 years and 21 films, phase three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has reached its grand finale in the form of Avengers: Endgame. Released this week, the highly anticipated film features a sprawling cast of A listers, and is an epic three hours long.

And as fans head to midnight screenings to be the first to see it, there will be a few big questions on their lips. Did everyone really die in Thanos’ snap? Just how important is Captain Marvel? And critically, is there a post-credits scene?


Over the past decade these extra snippets at the end of Marvel movies have become more and more crucial to the plot, looking ahead to future instalments in the franchise and revealing key plot points. It’s where we first saw Captain Marvel meet the Avengers (in Captain Marvel), and Nick Fury first proposing the “Avenger Initiative” to Tony Stark (in Iron Man). But with expectation that the film would neatly tie up the fray of loose ends, would there be anything else to tease?

But fans who were eagerly awaiting any details about the future of the MCU will be disappointed, as Avengers: Endgame doesn’t have a post-credits scene.

This doesn’t mean there isn’t any reason to stick around though, as after the credits when the Marvel logo appears, you can hear something which sounds like metal works. Some have compared it to the tolling of a bell, or Tony Stark working on his Iron Man suit, but it’s yet unclear if this is a teaser for future MCU films.

A break in tradition from Marvel here, but perhaps it’s to mark the end of the current MCU, making way for brand new characters and films in the future.

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