Devo Celebrate Album Release With L.A. “Cat Party” For Feline Friends

Devo‘s first album in 20 years is called Something For Everybody. And to prove the title’s point that this comeback effort offers quality entertainment for even Devo’s four-legged fans, on June 15, release day, the band hosted the greatest marketing stunt EVER: an all-day UStream listening party for 20 lucky cats.

The funky felines frolicked atop a carpeted scratching post shaped like Devo’s iconic energy-dome hat, while fans, curious-as-cats lookieloos, and members of the press (including Yahoo! and, of course, Cat Fancy) observed all the cattiness from the Warner Bros. Records patio in Burbank. Hey, the invite said, “Tune in live to see 20 cats getting down to the new Devo album for nine whole hours”…so how could anyone resist?

Suffice to say, this party was the cat’s meow. Yes, the kitties were a little mellow considering they were listening to Devo’s peppy supercool synthetic beats, not a new age meditation CD…but these were professional cats from (the agency that provided Mr. Bigglesworth to Austin Powers; check out the site to see headshots of party guests Diva, Xerox, and Grey Bird). So these seasoned cats knew how to behave around each other. Either that, they were just jaded by showbiz life, or someone forgot to put enough catnip in their Devo hat-bowls.

Check out a party-intermission interview below with the cat wrangler hired to keep the felines in line, and find out just why Devo offer something for everybody, including cats!